Find the service for you:

All of our session last for approximately one hour. 

Whether you prefer face to face or over the phone, there's a service to meet everyone's needs.


To help your personal counsellor prepare for your first session, we require a brief telephone consultation. 

Rest assured, all sessions are conducted under a full confidentiality agreement. 

Individual counselling

Experience personalised one-to-one sessions with our qualified counsellors, available both via telephone and face-to-face. 

Our compassionate team is here to support you with any issues you may be facing.

Couples counselling

Address any relationship issues with the help of our specialist counselors. Our sessions provide a safe space for you and your partner to openly discuss your concerns. 

We recommend that both parties attend these sessions to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the situation.

Bereavement counselling

Our bereavement counselling sessions provide a compassionate and safe environment for you to open up and begin rebuilding your life after the loss of a loved one. 

Our counsellors specialize in bereavement support, ensuring you receive the highest quality care.

Life coaching

Engage in a transformative session with our experienced life coach, Pat Walker. Discuss your future goals and explore strategies for achieving them, including physical, mental, and lifestyle changes. To learn more about life coaching, click here.

Supervision (For qualified & student counsellors)

Participate in clinical supervision sessions overseen by our head counselor, Pat Walker. These 90-minute sessions are designed for both qualified and trainee counsellors.

To apply, you must be a qualified or trainee counsellor.

If you require anymore information, do not hesitate to send us an email at: